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Our New Partnership with InternetNZ
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We’re extremely excited to announce our new partnership with InternetNZ, an organisation that protects and promotes the Internet in New Zealand.
As many of you know, InternetNZ are established supporters of Creative Commons licensing. For two years now, they’ve hosted Creative Commons meetups at their regular Nethui conferences; they also funded our popular Creative Commons video, which has been used to explain Creative Commons licensing around the world.
InternetNZ has also made sure that copyright works that are created from InternetNZ grants  are made available under a Creative Commons Attribution or Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial licence.
They even use Creative Commons licensing for their own work. This includes their website and this great video, which I’ve embedded below, making the case for an open and uncapturable Internet.
But before we get to the video — what does this partnership mean, exactly?
First, it will strengthen the ties between our two organisations, allowing us to collaborate more effectively. For a small organisation like Creative Commons Aotearoa NZ, it’s important for us to strengthen such ties.
Second, it provides Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand with the resources to provide more regional workshops, create new resources and spread the word about open licensing. In particular, we’re going to be focusing our efforts on open research and digital citizenship in New Zealand schools.
As Acting Chief Executive of InternetNZ Jordan Carter puts it, “Open licensing is becoming an increasingly important part of keeping the Internet open and uncaptureable. Creative Commons is doing great work in this area – notably in championing the freeing up of research data and promoting responsible digital citizenship through its open licensing schools initiative.”
You can read more about the partnership over at InternetNZ. Before you do so, though, check out their video, outlining why and open and uncapturable Internet is important for all New Zealanders:

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