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Richard White

By Hannah Mettner Richard White is an interesting example of an artist using CC to make his own creative output available, while working in a job that clearly demonstrates the pitfalls and possibilities of copyright and open access day in and day out. Richard has made two of his albums available for download on Bandcamp, […]

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Sharing, Collaboration and Copyright

Over the last week, Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand has been running free ‘CC in Schools’ workshops across the country. Later in the week, we’ll post slides, audio and summaries of each of the speakers, as well as the issues raised in the lively Q&As that followed. With support from InternetNZ, these workshops talked about how […]

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Media Release: New Zealand Schools Join the Commons

Next week, a range of teachers, principals, government officials and copyright experts are getting together to discuss how New Zealand teachers can legally share and reuse teaching resources. Speakers include Andrew Matangi from Buddle Findlay, Stephen Lethbridge, principal of Taupaki School and Carolyn Stuart, Education Sector Lead for the Network for Learning. Taking place in […]

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NZ On Screen and Audio Culture

By Hannah Mettner In 2009, we published a quick case study of NZ On Screen, which was then only two years old. With the launch of its sister site, Audio Culture, in 2013, we thought we’d take the opportunity to revisit both projects. Creative Commons Aotearoa NZ intern Hannah Mettner sat down with NZ On […]

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Copyright – The Informal Formality

By Conal Thompson It is a common misconception that copyright in a work needs to be registered in order to be recognised. The truth is that in New Zealand copyright exists as soon as a work is created, and whether or not copyright does exist in a work is determined by a set of rules […]

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What do CC Licence Users Talk About?

[For the first few weeks of 2014, Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand has been joined by three talented interns, Hannah Mettner, Conal Thompson and Sun Jeong. They're making new Creative Commons resources, writing case studies, editing our upcoming CC book and researching the use of CC licensing in the cultural sector. Hannah, a writer and […]

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Creative Commons Policies for Schools

[The following is the text from the latest Creative Commons brochure, Policies for Schools (PDF). If you would like us to send you a set of these policy brochures -- or any other Creative Commons resources -- please get in touch. We have also embedded the brochure, below. Please feel free to download and share […]

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We’re Looking for Summer Interns

Who are you looking for? Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand (CCANZ) is looking for two paid interns to help out over the summer. The first intern will be a talented designer or visual artist, keen to produce a range of CCANZ resources for print and the web. The second intern will be a confident and […]

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Hacking a Media Textbook (in a Weekend)

On the weekend of 16-17 November, a group of academics and librarians across Australia and New Zealand are getting together at their respective campuses to collaboratively write – or ‘hack’ – an open textbook. Led by Erika Pearson, Richard White and Simon Hart at the University of Otago – with assistance from Bernard Madill – […]

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The Need for Libre Open Access

By Fabiana Kubke, Senior Lecturer, School of Medical Sciences, at the University of Auckland and Chair of the Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand Advisory Panel. re·pos·i·to·ry noun \ri-ˈpä-zə-ˌtȯr-ē\ : a place where a large amount of something is stored : a person who possesses a lot of information, wisdom, etc. [1] At University repositories, this […]

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